​Our commitment to Public Safety & Loss Prevention is only rivaled by our commitment to Customer Service.

We team up with Construction Companies to monitor both interior & exterior of buildings as the construction process begins until it concludes. 

Our highly trained officers monitor incoming and outgoing  vehicles by checking identification, logging the name of company, time, day and license plate number.  This data is reported to the Project Manager on a daily basis so no unauthorized vendors come on the property.

We also provide services for Restoration Companies and Insurance Companies when there is a wind storm, flooding or fire damage.  Our experience team monitors damaged buildings and keeps the entire area clear and secure until the insurance adjusters have had an opportunity to analyze the situation to resolve the claim  All Pro Security Services security guards make certain to keep all individuals clear of the premises until offices concluded and the area is safe for people to return.  


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Our company partners with some of the largest, most reputable property management companies across the United States to service: 

  • City/County Buildings
  • Apartment/Condominium Communities
  • Office Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Our offices monitor traffic flow at the entrances and walk around the entire building area to check for any suspicious activities, disturbances or anything out of the ordinary. 

Our officers are trained to follow all protocol requests and to react to any emergency including tenant health issues, fire, or criminal situations.

We also offer security patrol services which consist of driving around sites, parking lot and/or garage areas in order to observe tenants/personnel walking to and from their vehicles.  Vehicles are marked with overhead yellow strobe lights for visibility to deter threats and give tenants/personnel peace of mind.

Our officers are also on the alert for any suspicious happenings or car break–ins. We partner with the local law enforcement agencies and contact them immediately upon observing a threatening situation.

Our officers turn in a legible, descriptive daily incident report, documenting each hour of activities. Our highly qualified officers always go out of their way to create a safe environment, while ensuring customer satisfaction. 


Total Security

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All Pro Security Services offers expert security professionals for large or small public events. We will meet with your staff in order to identify what the specific needs are and put an aggressive plan into motion.

There are many potential challenges and risks associated with larger crowds. Our officers are trained to focus on aggressive behavior, use of force, and bomb threats. Our officers are vigorously trained for alcoholic beverage control, rendering emergency first-aid, fire detection, hazardous condition detection and detection of terrorist and criminal activity. 

Typical events All Pro Security provides services for: 

  • City Art Fairs
  • Concerts
  • Movie Theaters
  • Race Car and Exhibition Events
  • State Fairs

Whatever your event, we can help make your event a success by keeping it secure.

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