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  • 5 Step Start-Up Process

  • Quality Control and Verification

  • Dialogue With Customer Management

  • Performance Report Card

  • Personnel Qualification Process

  • Training Process

Periodic documented Client feedback to grade our performance and give feedback for improvement .

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what differentiates us?   OUR six CORE FUNDAMENTALS

Continuous and effective training is the key to quality service and professional development.   We have developed, implemented and maintain an initial and on-going, highly comprehensive training program for all members of our organization.

​Our commitment to Public Safety & Loss Prevention is only rivaled by our commitment to Customer Service.

  ALl Pro security Services, ltd®

Personnel & Training

Everything begins with a methodical start-up process which leverages our professional security experience to identify and address all the needs and expectations of our client to ensure an effective and efficient implantation.

Total Security


Customer Service


We believe in providing verification of our services and use methods like electronic tracking systems, call-in to 24 hour Dispatch Center, Compliance Manager visits, Daily Activity Reports and Contingency Planning.

We maintain a rigorous selection and screening process to achieve superior quality of personnel.  Only the most reiable and motivated individuals who meet or exceed our performance standards as well as possessing the characteristics best suited for a Client's need are assigned to work at a site after completion of the screening process.

Our security guard staff includes former Police, Fire, and EMS personnel.

Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, your livelihood, and your business assets and clients  protected. That's a large responsibility.


Our officers are screened carefully through a criminal background search plus a drug testing process. Then our selected candidates must complete a vigorous two-week, three tier training program which includes 24 hours of site orientation, site procedures, site protocol, reporting, and other site-specific responsibilities.

Regularly scheduled meetings for candid feedback on service and any necessary adjustments. 

High Quality Service
Customer service is our most important priority. We contact all of our customers bi-weekly to confirm complete satisfaction. All Pro Security Services currently holds a staggering 99% customer satisfaction rate, which is one of the highest in the security industry. 

Handling Issues Promptly
One of the main reasons for our outstanding relationships with our customers is the fact we aren’t a giant company, so we are able to micro-manage our officers and projects. We find that going the extra mile makes a world of difference when defining security guard companies.   If there are any issues, our customers are able to contact the owner directly 24/7, who will resolve any problem immediately.